IPED statement on Black Lives Matter movement

The IPED board stands in steadfast solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement as it fights to eradicate racism, violence, and the murders of black men and women globally.

We recognise the intersectional aspects of racism, and welcome efforts to embed the needs of disabled and trans black people in the worldwide protests.

We recognise that racism is structural and systemic, and it runs deep in many institutions of the Global North, and Higher Education spaces are no different.

In the academy, we acknowledge that racism manifests in different ways from barriers to employment and promotion, to disregard for and exploitation of black scholarship, and subsequent lack of scholarly acknowledgement and citation.

At IPED, we want to do better and we are committed to embedding anti-racism through our commissioning, editing, publishing and editorial board practices and by being aware of our privileges. Further information to support this work can be found here http://danceandwhiteness.coventry.ac.uk/blog/



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