International Women’s Day 2017

The theme of International Women’s Day 2017 was to Be Bold for Change. All members of the IPED board are committed to gender equality, particularly intersectional approaches to advancing women’s participation in public life.

Susan Sayce attended a ResNet event for IWD at the University of East Anglia, where the theme was inclusive change especially for disabled women. More information on ResNet can be found here


Maria Tsourfouli (University of Wolverhamption) discussed, along with, Dr Subashini Suresh and Andrea Mondokova, an intersectional approach to gender equity approaches in higher education: ‘Being a woman/man and a migrant in Higher Education: Double exclusions?’. This presentation forms part of a week long celebration of IWD alongside the University of Wolverhampton’s Athena Swan work.

Chrissi McCarthy was very busy on IWD, giving two talks. The first was for the National Association of Women in Construction and a second for the University of Reading

Kate Sang (Heriot Watt University) presented at the Scottish Young Planners’ IWD event (Royal Town Planners’ Institute in Scotland). Kate’s presentation proposed intersectionality as a tool for bold and far reaching change, asking what would our built environment look like if more women were in charge of its design and build.

We hope you had a fantastic IWD and look forward to a year of bold change!


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