Call for Papers: Special Issue on Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity in Critical Event Studies

We invite researchers to submit articles for a special issue on the topic of Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity in Critical Events Studies, edited by Dr Rebecca Finkel (Queen Margaret University) and Dr Briony Sharp (University of Huddersfield).

The vision for this special issue is to feature contributions from critical events and interdisciplinary scholars. Papers should interweave theory, policy and/or practice, and be centred on at least one planned event/festival. Papers can focus on any size and type of event from festivals and conferences to community and international events. Empirical work which features creative research methods is especially welcome.

Possible Topics:

ñ Events/festivals causing polarisation between communities/stakeholders

ñ Understanding and potentially overcoming physical, mental, emotional barriers to events/festival access 

ñ Highlighting marginalised or under-represented communities in global events spaces

ñ Non-human and more-than-human access to events environments

ñ Social, cultural, economic, and digital inclusion/exclusion narratives

ñ Inclusion vs. justice — inclusion vs. equality in events contexts

ñ Governance and policies related to event/festival accessibility, inclusion, and diversity

ñ Role of media and social media in event/festival accessibility, inclusion, and diversity 

ñ Intersectional approaches to diversifying events/festival audiences and landscapes

ñ New critical perspectives for established events/festivals with regard to ethics, representation, responsible management

ñ Models of best practice and lessons learned with regard to event/festival accessibility, inclusion, and diversity

Please papers in accordance with IPED guidance by Friday, 15 Sept

We look forward to hearing about your work and possibly having you contribute to this exciting, emerging area! Please contact Rebecca Finkel for more details.



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